Restart after the second lockdown : These are the rules!

27 Nov 2020 by Andy Jaenen share on facebook

Thanks to consultation between the Circuit Zolder direction and the mayor of Heusden-Zolder we can restart our activities at Circuit Zolder. There are a number of strict measures that everyone must adhere to.


Wearing a mouth / nose mask is mandatory on the entire domain of Circuit Zolder. During activity days, the domain of Circuit Zolder is only accessible to people who are registered with the organization and this by means of a minimum name, first name, mobile number, e-mail address. During opening hours, only participants in the activity on the domain, plus a maximum of 2 supervisors, will have access to the paddock. No public allowed. The opening hours of the domain are from 7 am. No overnight stays allowed. The site will be divided into zones in which the maximum number of people is always limited. An open-air paddock space of 100m² will be allocated per racing car, where a maximum of 3 people are allowed (driver + 2 supervisors). The maximum number of racing cars is set at 100 cars for a day (max. 50 cars in the morning and max. 50 cars in the afternoon) and this for the individual recreational practice of motorsport. No access to buildings for participants and supervisors, with the exception of the sanitary block. The sanitary facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Access to the sanitary facilities is limited in such a way that a 1.5m distance from each other is always maintained. Showers are closed. Catering is closed. The petrol station is only open via the payment terminal. The payment terminal is professionally cleaned every day during the activity. Wearing gloves is mandatory when refueling and paying. Disinfectants are present. The pilot must put on the seat belts himself and may not be assisted. Authorized stewards will walk around the paddocks. In case of non-compliance with the rules, access to the domain will be denied to the pilot and his supervisors.​


Drivers will be on their own in their car, no passengers or instructors allowed.
Drivers must wear a race overall or at least long trousers, long sleeves, gloves, helmet (in case of open helmet he must have a balaclava or ​mouth/ nose mask.


In December we have 2 training days with 98 decibel noise limit:
5 December we drive from 9:00-22:00
​12 December from 9:00-18:00

You can enter via


We also have 2 Thursday training days without the 98 decibel noise limit: 10 and 17 December we drive from 9:00-12:00 and from 13:00-17:00

You can enter via​

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