Nürburgring Drift Cup Round 3 : NDC at DTM

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Nürburgring Drift Cup

Drift info

Event Info

Third round of the Nürburgring Drift Cup 2020 while the DTM is racing on the other part of the GP track.

Entry fee : 320€ per round (If someone pays the 4 rounds before round 1 : 1200€)

Track Lay-out : Schumacher S downhill and the Dunlop corner in opposite direction.

Time schedule will follow soon.

Track Info
addressNürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Flimm-Straße 53520 Nürburgring / Eifel
length0 m
noise limit130 db
About the track

Nürburgring Drift Cup 2020: General rules 


Technical Rules


We are using the DMSB Drifting rules.




Sporting Rules


  • We have 4 rounds in 2020:
    11-13 April, 15-16 August, 11-13 September, 23-25 October
  • The 4 rounds count for the championship. The points won in Qualifying and Top-32     will be added.
  • Championship Points: 


    Pl         Q        Top 32

    1            25            50

    2            20            42

    3            18            35

    4            16            30

    5            14            29

    6            12            28

    7            10            27

    8            9            26

    9            8            25

    10            7            24

    11            6            23

    12            5            22

    13            4            21

    14            3            20

    15            2            19

    16            1            18

    17                        19

    …                        …

    33                        1


  • Difference PRO Class - CLUB Class :


  • Drivers can decide themselves in what class to start but:
    1. In CLUB Class no semi slicks allowed on rear axle (treadwear must be +250)
    2. In PRO Class you need a car with at least 400 BHP or be light enough to have the same acceleration.
  • Practice is in 2 groups. Pro and Club class.
  • Service trucks are parked at the track. Tire changing, fueling happens on track. Only mechanics, spotters are allowed inside the track. They get a wristband.             Without wristband there is no access to the infield. No kids, dogs allowed at the infield. Mechanics must sit in a truck, van, car when they enter the track. It is notallowed to sit ON a truck or trailer. 
  • Passengers must wear helmets and a race suit (only during Friday practice and Sunday test day). No passenger rides on Saturday.

    Judging rules




  • There will be 3 judges who each give a score. 
  • Judge of “line” gives max 35 points (25 for line, 10 for overall impact)
  • Judge of “angle” gives max 35 points (25 for angle, 10 for overall impact)
  • Judge of “style” gives max 30 points
  • Every driver gets 3 runs. Highest score will count. In case two drivers are equally placed, the second highest score will count. If the score is still the same the third score will count. If the 3 runs were similar the driver with least experience at NDC will scored highest.
  • In PRO class, straightening = zero
  • In CLUB class, 1 straightening is allowed, but scores will drop with 50%
  • We might have a different lay out or clipping points for the CLUB Class.
  • A dirt drop with 1 wheel = zero points
  • Late initiation is point deduction
  • All drivers first do their first run, then all do their second run, finally all do their third         run. All cars are lined up from low number to high number or from high to low         number, as told in the briefing. If a driver is too late we will still try to let him do his         3 runs. If he only arrives after all drivers did their first run, he is only allowed todo 2         runs. If he only arrives after all drivers did their second run, he is only allowed to do 1 run. 



  • In the top 32 battles the driver with the highest qualifying position is leading the first run. The driver with the lowest qualifying position is chasing the first run.
  • In the second run it is the lowest qualifier who leads.
  • After the first run, the judges can announce their score : Small advantage for…, Big advantage for…, zero for …, zero for both,…
  • After the second run the judges will announce a winner. If the drivers are equally placed, we will have “one more run”. The driver with the highest qualifying position can decide if he will be the leader or the chaser. If after that run there is still no decision, the lowest qualifier can chose to lead or chase. After this run the judges must finally decide.
  • We want the lead car to drive the qualifying lines.
  • We want the chaser to copy the lines of the leader.
  • In the starting zone, nobody is allowed to play games. If a driver is not showing         fairplay, he can be disqualified.
  • Each driver has 1 time the possibility to ask for a “5 minute break” during the             battles for technical problems. If a driver asks for a cool down lap because his car         is overheating, it will be counted as his only “5 minute break”.
  • A car must be ready to do 2 runs. So after the first run, cars can not stop at their         service truck, even for tire pressure adjustment. If they stop, it will be counted as         their only “5 minute break”.
  • Only after a contact (with the other car, barrier) or after driving through the gravel,         a car is allowed to do a safety check up, even after the first run.
  • Podium ceremonies


    There will be a trophy for:


    PRO Class Winner



    top qualifier

    most exciting driver

    best team

    best chase run


    CLUB class Winner



    Queen of the ring

    top qualifier

    best rookie

    most exciting driver

    best team




  • All cars must have window sticker and numbers with background on the car during         the whole event.
  • At the scrutineering cars get a sticker from the inspector. Without that sticker the         car is not allowed on the track.

    Paddock allocations


  • This is based on a first come, first served base. If you want to have a bigger zone with a few teams, make sure someone of your team is at the paddock the moment the gate opens. This will be on the Thursday at 15:00.



    Nürburgring Drift Cup

    Organiser: Skylimit Events BV



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