Drift Training Day

23 Feb 2023 : Paddock 0 Circuit Zolder share on facebook

Skylimit Drift Day own car

Drift school rented car

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Skylimit Drift Day own car 

The Skylimit Drift School contains an excellent lesson plan, challenging tracks, and lots of track time. We organize these activities at the Zolder facility on a wet paddock. The goal is to have beginner and experienced drivers drift in a reliable and predictable setting, supervised by experienced instructors.

Almost all the top Dutch and Belgian drifters started their drifting careers at Skylimit Drift School! 

Please note! The Briefing at 8:30am is mandatory fot participants who have not yet drifted with us!

Time schedule  
8:00am Administration office open
8.30am Briefing/theory lesson
9:00am 180° turn + roundabout
11:00am Track in the shape of a little M
Noon Break
1:00pm Track in the shape of a large M
2:00pm Drift track with 5 turns


Drift school with your own car: €190 per person. One extra pilot per car pays an additional €20.

You can also enter this drift school with a rented car.

Track Info
addressTerlaemen 30
3550 Heusden-Zolder
length300 m
noise limit95 db
About the track

Paddock 0 (zero) has become a well-known concept in Belgian drifting. This terrain, situated on the Zolder track site has been the ultimate location for drifting lessons since 2003. This area of asphalt is primarily used for going sideways, rather than in a straight line. Apart from our fixed layout for our drift school, we adjust the drift track for every Drift Cup. At first sight, the track seems to be flat but small differences in the surface result in a tricky higher level of difficulty for the drifters. We try to reduce tire wear by keeping the paddock wet at all times during drifting.

Drifters such as Kevin Corsius, Remmo Niezen, Joost Van der Ende, Randy Congedo, Rick Van Goethem, Kurt Van Doorslaer and Danique Aelaerts all drifted their way through the Drift Cups on this terrain. Our drift school attracted many drifters, not only from Belgium and the Netherlands, but also novice drifters from Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Greece and even Latvia. 

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